Sunday, November 18, 2012

Full Review of Hamachi Sushi Bar

Full Review of Hamachi Sushi Bar

Hamachi is the newest kosher restaurant in Chicago. It is a fairly small restaurant with about 5 tables and another 5 or so seats at the sushi bar. The restaurant has a sleek modern Asian look with a lot of solid red and black.

They offer a full range of kosher sushi options from basic vegetable rolls to complex rolls with multiple types of fish topped with multiple sauces. It looked as if there was only one waitress and no bus boys, but it was not too busy when we got there so she took our order almost immediately.

I started with the miso soup and shared an order of edema-me with my wife, both of which seemed on the bland side. The water seemed a bit tepid like it had just come out of the tap and there was no ice. For the main course I ordered their "Blue Man Group" and "Rainbow" rolls, while my wife had the "Sweet 2" and the "Sake Goma Tempura." The sushi tasted decent but their rolling technique could be a bit better. I had a few pieces fall apart on me when I picked them up.

I did have to ask for more water, the soup and edema-me were slow to come out, and people who ordered after us received their food before we did.

The prices seemed reasonable for what was being offered, comparable to Shallots, and maybe a dollar or two cheaper per roll. I generally find that higher end kosher sushi places suffer from a severe case of gilding the lily, in that they over complicate their signature rolls, and Hamachi is no exception.

On a scale from 1-10:

Food: 7

Service: 5

Ambiance: 8

Overall: 7

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