Saturday, November 24, 2012

Disappointing Pizza and Service at EJs

I was at EJ's Pizzeria in Skokie tonight.  I ordered a mushroom, pepper, and onion slice.  They took an existing mushroom slice, warmed it up and then added the peppers and onions on it afterwards.  The peppers and onions were still completely raw and not integrated with the cheese at all.  When I showed it to the girl who was helping me behind the counter, the response I got was "I'm not the one who made it."  
Seriously, take pride in your product and learn how to speak to your customers!!!


  1. Ouch. That is painful. Was there a manager to speak to?

    1. @Sarah Klinkowitz the owner was there but I have had issues with him in the past as well. It is a plague in the Chicago area, many kosher restaurants don't care about customer service. They think they are doing you a favor by serving you,and then complain that the community does not support them.