Monday, July 2, 2007

Hello Fellow Foodies

Hey folks,
This is my first attempt at blogging. My name is Daniel Peikes, and I run a small kosher catering business in Chicago. I enjoy food, and even more so I enjoy cooking. I want to write a cook book and I figured a blog would be a great place to get ideas for it and get feedback on the recipies. Now as an orthodox jew all my recipies will be strictly kosher. For more details on what makes something kosher please see My goal is to post 1 dish a week. Feel free to try it out for your self, and make any suggestions you think might improve the dish. The first few weeks I may not post every week as I am in the proccess of movingt and have alot of work to do on my new condo and not alot of time to do it. I would like to start the ball rolling on a favorite dish of mine since I was a kid, Onion Rings. I want to know what people think about breading VS batter dipping? Baking VS pan frying VS deep frying? What pots and/or pans do you use? What kind of breading or batter do you use? What ratio of liquid to solid do you use in your batter? What spices do you use? What oil do you use? What oiltemp do you use? What draining methods do you use? What type of onion do you use?