Monday, February 14, 2011

EJ's Pizza:Initial Impression

I stopped in there for a on their opening on day, Sunday.  They open their door at 11:00. I was there by 11:15.  There was line already to order but is was not crazy.  First the good.  The pizza decent.  It can give any kosher pizza shop here (Chicago) a run for their money.   I had a plain cheese slice and a mushroom slice.  Cheese was pretty good, it was a little heavy on the sauce for me, but that is just my opinion, and the crust was excellent.
Now the bad.  They have a major logistics problem.  When you enter through the front door you naturally go to the cash register to order, th only problem is it is supposed to be cafeteria style and you are supposed to start at the other end of the room and pick what you want and then pay.  I love a good onion rings, so I asked if they had home made onion rings and apparently they only have the frozen breaded type, so I didn't even bother ordering them.  I did order the garlic knots and I was disappointed.  They where a little bit to bread like,  I was expecting more chew and they were a bit bland, they needed more garlic.

I will give them a little while and do a full review sometime soon.

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