Monday, July 23, 2012

Pickles in a Week

Fermented pickles are actually pretty easy to make.  Get the freshest cucumbers you can, submerge them in a salt brine of 50 grams of pickling salt per liter of water.  Yes I do weigh my salt.  If you do not have a food scale get one.  Let it sit for a week on your counter, and you will have pickles.  Of course you will likely want to add some other flavors.  Of course you can buy pickling spice, but it is fun to customize.  Thinks you might like to add: garlic, whole peppercorns, coriander, dill, bay leaf, and red pepper flake.  Those are just suggestions, but feel free to add any flavors you like.  You make want to also a a grape leaf or two as they help to keep the cucumbers from getting mushy.  The cucumbers and garlic I used came from The Gan Project, and the dill I used came from the small garden on my balcony.  I also threw in some scallion just to see what would happen.  They can out pretty good, although I think I added a bit to much salt which I corrected by watering down my brine after I tried the first pickle.

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