Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Steak Dinner

Father's Day Steak Dinner

1 lb Bone in Rib Steak
1/4 lb of Beef Fry (or bacon if you don't keep kosher)
1 Medium Sweet Potato
1/4 Head of Broccoli
2 Scallions
Brown Sugar

Fry the beef fry in a cast iron skillet until crispy and reserve the grease.  Cut the sweet potato into wedges and toss with the reserved grease.  Season the wedges with the salt, pepper, and brown sugar. 

Reclaim the beef fry grease and make this dressing: Alton Browns's Bacon Vinaigrette

Steam the broccoli until just soft.

Bake the sweet potatoes spread out on a sheet pan at 400.  Flip after 15 minutes and bake another 15 minutes until soft all the way the through and crispy on the outside.

Season your steak with salt and pepper and sear  it in the pan that you cooked the beef fry in.  Once you get a good sear on both sides, drop it in the over on a sheet pan at 350 until it reaches desired level of doneness.  I like it medium.  See picture below. 

 Char the scallions in the same pan you cooked the steak and beef fry in. 
 Crumble the beef fry over the sweet potatoes. Top the steak with the scallions. Drizzle the vinaigrette over everything on the plate.

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