Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shallots Review

OK so last week my wife and I went to Shallots and sat in the main dinning room, mainly because we had gift certificates to use.

First of all, I do love the look of the new place.  It has a very natural feel.  The stone look makes me feel like I am dinning in European wine cellar, which in my opinion is a good thing.  The one problem I did have was that I think the lighting was a little to dim, but I tend to like my restaurants well lit.

I started out with the Spicy Tuna Crunch sushi roll which was delicious with good balance of flavor and texture.  Oh and remember how people used to say "If you are going to Shallots eat first or you will be hungry", well that no longer applies for the most part.  The sushi was generous portion.

My wife and I split the grilled skewer platter which I was not impressed with.  The portion was small for $32, and the food was not cooked at that well.  Especially the lamb that had both a funny texture and taste.

We both ordered stakes, although I wanted the Ribs but they were out of them. I had the grilled szechwan and my wife had the bordelaise.  Both steaks were cooked well, but the flavors of the sauces seemed to be a bit strong and overwhelmed the flavor of the meat. 
also both steaks came with a garnish of a sprig of rosemary stuck in them that I thought kind of looked stupid.  On the menu it says that my wife's steak was supposed to come with crisp onion rings in the plural, but all she got was one sad onion ring that circled the rosemary.

We ordered the  Layer Mousse Cup & Chocolate Terrine which was tasty but the portion size could have been a bit bigger and I would have preferred more chocolate and less raspberry in the Mousse cup.

Overall a nice experience, but next time I think I will sit at the bar for the cheaper menu and let you know how that is.  Although, from what I hear it is supposed to be pretty good.

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