Monday, June 10, 2013

Baking Bread Ruhlman Style

Baking Bread Ruhlman Style

I made some great bread on Sunday.  It is a recipe from Micheal Ruhlman's cookbook  Twenty.  I highly recommend anything by Mr. Ruhlman.  He breaks things down into their essential parts and is able to communicate not just a recipe, but craft, art and science in his books.

This recipe uses an awesome technique of baking the bread in a dutch oven to create steam, which is essential for good crust formation.  The crust was excellent and the crumb had a great texture, not dense at all, and just the right amount of airiness.  The bottom was a little darker then I would like, so I think I'll put a sheet pan on the lower rack next time I make this to see if it helps.
As for the exact recipe, for that you will have to buy the book.

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