Monday, February 18, 2013

Leftover Lesson: Pulled Guinness and Thyme Braised Beef Sandwich

Pulled Guinness and Thyme Braised Beef Sandwich
A Lesson In Leftovers

The other week I braised some top of the rib beef in Guinness and Thyme along with some other aromatics.  I sliced it and served it for dinner that Friday night.  I had a decent amount leftover.  The thing about leftovers is they are always better when you augment them in some way.  I warmed it back up on the stove in the braising liquid, then using two forks I shredded the meat and made a sandwich on a toasted hamburger bun with some red leaf lettuce, sliced pickled hot peppers, and Open Pit BBQ sauce. It was mighty tasty.

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  1. Leftovers are king. I made an awesome rice dish on Sunday with leftover spanish rice, artichoke & lemon chicken, tahini, pistachios... probably some olives and capers now I think of it, but I would never have made this from scratch. Reheating the rice in the lemony chicken fat was amazing.

    I a tempted to have a redo on the meal just to make the leftovers!