Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Friday Night Postmortem

Friday Night Postmortem

Chicken and Dumpling (basically chicken soup with matzo balls): The soup was a little bland and the dumplings a bit mushy

Skillet Fried Chicken: Moist but soggy
Texas Style Dry Rubbed Brisket: Actually decent after I resurrected it by drowning it in stock after it dried out while cooking.

Collard Greens: I was not a fan.  I am not sure if they came out right or if I just don't like collard greens
Green Beans: A tad under done

Potato Salad: More than a tad under done.
Baked Beans: OK but really just doctored up out of can.
Corn Bread: Under baked

Fruit Cobbler: Decent
Pecan Bars: Pretty good.

There are a few morals here.  Don't try to rush your cooking and squeeze you cooking into to short of a time and not get enough sleep.

Also, don't try to many new dishes that you have never made before in the same meal

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