Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving, it just never ends and I think I like it

OK so the past few years we have been invited out for thanksgiving, so I did not get to be in charge of the big meal on turkey day.  While I did make green beans and cranberry sauce for the meal we went to on Thursday, I passed on making the turkey and dragging it over to our host.  I did not want deal with it, or pay for it.

But of course I could not, not make turkey for the season, so I decided so make Thanksgiving part 2 Friday night.  We were a smaller crowd so I did a bone out, butterflied, stuffed, and rolled turkey breast.

The stuffing recipe was very basic. I sauteed 4 large onions, in way more oil then is healthy, about an inch worth, until the onions are golden. At that point add matzoh meal until it absorbs most of the oil, but is not dry. Continue cooking the the stuffing until it is lightly browned. Cool and and stuff it in the turkey.

I recommend getting it boned and butterflied by your butcher.  I tied it to keep its shape.  I wrapped it in beef fry to help keep it moist.  I roasted it at    350 *F covered until it hit an internal temperature of about 160*F. 

I put a layer of onions, celery, and bell peppers under the turkey and added some chicken stock to the pan to keep the turkey from drying out.

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