Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tentative First Night Rosh Hashana Menu

There is a custom in the Jewish religion to eat symbolic foods called Symonim (translated as signs) on the first night of the new year holiday Rosh Hashana. Instead of just serving them as is I like to incorporate them into composed dishes. The list includes beets, apples, leeks, honey, cabbage, pomegranate, carrots, black eyed peas, dates, fenugreek, fish, and meat from the head of an animal, usually a fish, and gourd.
Here is what I am going with this year:
Beet carpaccio with apple and leek slaw and honey vinaigrette
Herb and onion topped gefilte fish
Beef and rice stuffed cabbage in a pomegranate tomato sauce
Pomegranate BBQ sauce Braised beef cheek with date, carrot, and sweet potato tzimmus
Honey baked turkey breast with apple and butternut squash stuffing
Sauteed beet greens
Black eyed peas with fenugreek

Recipes and pictures to follow early next week.

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