Monday, September 5, 2011

New York Trip Restaurant Round-Up

On my recent trip to New York I decided not to go to any fancy steak places.  I hit three restaurants while I was there below are my reviews:1. Smokey Joe's in Tenneck, NJ: Food was OK but nothing special.  I had the pulled brisket sandwich and the meat seemed a bit a stringy and dry.  My wife had the burger that also seemed a little dry and both our buns did not seem fresh.  For a BBQ place their house BBQ sauce leaves something to be desired, maybe a little bit of heat.  There fries seem fresh and good.  the include corn brad and onion jam as a free started that is excellent.  I also had a couple of their sausage as an appetizer, and was very disappointed.  The hand no sear on them, the texture was grainy, and they fell apart as soon as I cut into them.  The decor was cute but I could hear the owner yelling at someone on the phone.

2. Olympic Pita in Midtown:  Pretty typical middle eastern place, but honestly I was to full from lunch to enjoy it.  I order the chicken soup and it was inedibly salty.  It tasted like it came for a mix.  I order a falafel plate that was decent.  The place wine and sparkling water on table trying to get you to buy it which I find tacky.

3. Carlos and Gaby's in Brooklyn:  The food was good but the service was horrible.  Their web site says they open at 11 but they do not open the doors until noon and even then they are not really ready.  The lunch specials are a pretty good deal.  I had the two taco ordered on soft and and one crunchy both were tasty.  I also ordered  the Philly egg roll but they forgot to provide the sauce.  My wife ordered a chicken fried steak sandwich that was supposed to come with nacho, which they forgot.  When did finally get them they were just a sad little bag of flour tortilla chips.

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