Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Kosher Chicago Subway Review

Stoped in there for a quick lunch as I am off for Veterans Day today. I ordered the Spicy Italian $5 value meal. I consisted of a 6" sandwich of "pepperoni" and salami(I think although the guy behind the counter was not sure either) plus all the fixings, a medium sized soft drink and a bag of chips. I ordered it on a white sub bread, the options were white or wheat sub bread, toasted with green bell peppers, jalapenos, banana peppers, pickles, lettuce, sweet onion dressing. Ronit (my wife) ordered the meatball marinara of white. I also ordered the ministrone soup. The portions size was small but then again what do you expect for only $5 in the kosher world. The bread, meat, and vegtables were tasty. The soup was a bit thin and bland in my opinion and I go a whole bay leaf which is never pleasant. The place seemed clean although it is new. The service was OK, quick enough although they seemed a bit unorginized but we can chalk that up to it being the first day. There was a steady stream of people most taking to go but there was pleanty of room. They also have a party room in back which I think is a plus.

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