Monday, November 9, 2009

Ecologically Responsible Eating VS Enjoying Eating Out

Let me start by saying I understand the reason for eating local, seasonal, sustainable, organic, free range food. I minored in Biology focusing in Ecology. So many of the chefs that compete on shows like Top Chef say they focus on cooking in this style. In fact my culinary hero Alton Brown recently did a show all about sustainable fish.
I guess that is a good thing if that works for them.

Here is the thing, when I go out to eat and spend my hard earned dollars I want to be treated like royalty. I love meat, which is not a very ecologically friendly product. I like to try foods from far off lands, because eating foods from these places will probably be the closest i ever get to going to many of these places. I like pretty looking food, and pesticides do a great job at killing bugs that make foods look ugly. I want strawberries in December. I want nice fatty tuna in my sushi. Call me a torturer of baby cow but I love the sweet fatty taste of veal. I have never had Foie gras but when I can afford it I will. I may be an evil person but if I am paying for food at a restaurant that is my right.

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